Thursday, 12 May 2016

Everest needs to be un-fucked now!

Its this time of the year again. Summit window on Everest. The worlds highest mountain. Its the usual commercial shit show. I'm sure they have lots of fun and I'm happy for the Sherpas that they are backing business. Even if its been proven beyond doubt that the Everest circus is not a sustainable business, they at least have much needed income this year. Nepal is with out a functioning government and now one seams to care that the efforts to rebuilding Nepal is at halt even if billions have been injected or pledged.

So I guess instead of warmongers we have Everest tourism, its pretty much the same. Its about exploiting for ego and profit. Even if its easier to get dragged up Everest than entering a war zone one can die in both. Thats not necessary bad. Well I guess we are all borde of the Everest rants so I will drop it for now and share some insights from Africa that are as relevant for Nepal as they are for Africa.

Alex De Waal's book shows how leaders operate on a business model, securing funds for their political budgets which they use to rent the provisional allegiances of army officers, militia commanders, tribal chiefs and party officials at the going rate. This political marketplace is eroding the institutions of government and reversing state building and it is fueled in large by aid funds and western military assistance for counter-terrorism and peacekeeping.