Friday, 1 April 2011


Aprils fool? Sadly not!

Striving for yet an other pointless record Swedish Anneli Pompe is claiming she is going to be the first Swedish woman to climb Everest with out O2. This is a false claim! In an email to me she has clearly stated that she will have a sherpa with her during the ascent who will carry O2 for her in case she feel she cant make it to the summit with out O2. So this time she can't blame beginners mistakes.

In order to claim a VALID non O2 ascent of any summit its commonly (ethical standard) accepted among climbers that the climber can't have any access to supplementary O2 during any part of the ascent. Sadly Pompe is trying to fool mainstream media agin (last time she was when she claimed she had reached the summit of Shishapangma when she knew she was not even close to the summit) and she might get away with it. Well who cares? Its a minor detail that she is having O2 with in a few meters in case she needs it. But its of huge importance.

Its pathetic and sad that Pompe make this kind of false claims but what pisses me off is that this kind of false claims will take away the opportunity for a future Swedish female climber to be the rightful first female climber to reach Everest with out supplementary O2.

What also is pathetic is that she can't see that real female efforts to do Everest with out 02 is getting diluted when posers like Pompe arrive and pollute mountaineering with her BS claims. Funny enough, iffy claims is a family tradition, Pompes hubby Fredrik Strang is equally pathetic with some questionable summit claims.

So no good luck, be safe and have fun!