Tuesday, 28 January 2014

I'm getting one! Are you?

Very good review of the new Metolius rope bag in dp climbing who wrote this about the Vortex bag.

"Metolius rope bags have long been the benchmark for durable quality and their newest model, the Vortex, is no exception. Withou"


Saturday, 25 January 2014

What in the cards for 2014?

Pre Spray is pointless but aspirations are king!

For 2014 I have some loosely defined plans involving staying fit enough to finally go and climb Das Phantom Der Zinnen on Cima Grande ground up ideally leading all pitches myself.

I alos HAVE to go back and send AKUT on Cima Ovest. So its business as usual with the Dolomites in the picture and allow plenty of time for the projects I so much want to do. The Dolomites have so much o toutstanding climbing offer, it should be on top of the TO GO TO places for any one interested in Alpine rock climbing.

As for sport climbing goals I have set some very HIGH goals for 2014, not in terms of grades but in terms of settings... I will go to Chamonix for a week or so and try to send Digital Crack an 8a placed at 3800 meters. The picture is showing the amazing tower where Digital Crack goes up straight in the middle ob that spiky tower.

Below is a nice video from an ascent of Digital Crack!


In the near future its winter and I hope to go back to Patagonia very soon or to dedicate some time for a project back in the Alps. Spring will involve plenty of sport climbing and training for a bigger trip in the fall to the greeter ranges i.e India, Nepal or Patagonia.

There is pretty shitty ice conditions so not much getting done on that front at the moment but its possible to sport climb on the odd days and pretty sweet conditions for skiing.

I also like to take this opportunity to thank my sponsors Patagonia, Metolius and Clif Bra.