Thursday, 19 February 2009

North Face Mixed part one

Yesterday I was out on the hill on altitude. FINALY and got some climbing done. We started off on a "impossible" line and had to back down after some scary unprotected M6+ climbing. In better nick it should have been ice but the crisp rock was not great for drytoling or climbing free... Luck for us two "rapps" down and we could start a line with more ice on and top out a nice grade V 500 meter route. All in all we got plenty of climbing done for a short day.

Backing off sucks and is bad for moral but good for life so that's part of the game. It was as you can see on the photos plenty of spindrift and it was quite a Scottish experience. Tomorrow its back up and on with a more serious undertaking. I hope it will blow less and be good conditions as we are opting for a super light strategy. If its hard it will for sure be one hell of a cold night close to 4000 meter. Well more about that when I'm back down in the comfort of a warm house...

Photo: DavidFalt
Climber Tom Stewart