Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Final preparation

Well its never ever happened before that I opt for a North Face route off the UIAA winter season but in order to get fit for this spring summer I have no other option than to get out there and get on with it. Its still quite allot of winter feeling but hey the days are so long now its a different ball game. The up side is that the climbing just gets more fun as its less of pain and suffering. With the winter ended the weather so to speak. Since March 22nd its been quite bad conditions in the alps but its looking up for the weekend and for next week. Tip... Switzerland looks set to be hit by a raid if the Meteo is King. And then post Easter there might be a short shoot at some thing just as tune up camp. Then it will be all about sport climbing and fore sure one 8a has to go down before end of may. Ops the bike I need to get up and out on my bike. Some one is screaming CARDIO in my ear...

New! Is my visit counter added to day on the first of April... I have about 900 unique visitors according to statistics but this will be a more transparent tool.