Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Power Breakfast

I have made my own power breakfast with oatmeal, almonds, raisins and chocolate recovery drink made by PowerBar. I have made 35 of this in small plastic bags, some for high altitude and some for BC all well marked. I have also bought about 150 different chocolate / PowerBars of different brands all to power me. I have tested different Isotonic drinks and decided to go for a berry taste from PowerBar. Then I have got some pre fabricated mix for chocolate cakes in a semi liquid form. We will see if I can prepare this one in BC and maintain my fat belly. Right now I stuff my self with cookies and chocolate in order to get as fat as possible and at the same time maintaining some kind of fitness level...

I have also made endless tests of gear and packing lists as well as maintaing gear and equipment in order to be sure it will all be in great condition for some real action. I have talked to a number of friends who have vast experience from technical climbing at high altitude in order to figure out what is the best possible formula when it comes to dressing for altitude action. I will have a synthetic option and a down option. For sure is that I will use a custom made PHD Delta Belay Jacket with 900 down above 7000 meters. I will post a full pack list later on. I will go for a standard PHD Hispar 600 bag that weights in at 1010g!

Finally I have manage to convert my MSR reactor stove to be a hanging one pice unit adding about 20g. Pictures will follow. If any one is interested I can provide advice on how to build a hanging Reactor unit. My solution for fixing the gas bottle is super smart if you only need that and not the hanging option.