Sunday, 16 August 2009

R.I.P Oscar Perez

Photo from Oscar Perez' & Alvaro Novellon

Oscar will always be a hero to me all though I never meet him and did not know him.  I know we shared a passion for and thats enough for me to care about his tragic loss.  The Latok has been a long lasting love of mine. It started wen I first saw the pictures from the Jeff Lowe attempt on on Latok and since then it has captivated me. The Latok group has what other mountain ranges in Pakistan lack, pure virginity to explore. Oscars died doing what you need to in order to move boundaries. He pushed beyond the mountain and sadly paid the ultimate price. 

Its not easy to let go and when a line or an object is stuck in your head, its hard to find inner peace with out going there and try the line and see if it possible. I hope Oscar now has found some peace. 

I hope I will encounter your spirit on Latok one day Oscar.