Monday, 11 January 2010

No Chicken, No Pasta, No Girls.... Season finished!

We have now arrived In Namche and to day is relax and catch up with jet lag. We asked for pasta at the lodge but was informed that , Pasta, Chicken and Girls was all finished since the season was finished. The first two would have been nice to get the last offer was more off topic.

We have great weather but windy. The forecast is for the temperature to drop 10 degrees and its allredy cold. And now we are only at 3400 and inside. Well I guess this will be a reality check not only for us but also for our gear.

When most of you had Sunday breakfast we stopped for a zip of nuun spiked water with a fantastic view of Everest. It was a quite cool feeling and what a beautiful scenery. Hiking in has so far been a real walk in the park not including that its been quite cold.

We are heading for BC tomorrow and the dispatches will be shorter. We hop to be off for the summit around the 20th and onwards. But that's a long way a head.