Saturday, 13 February 2010

Mountain Hardwear and some rock climbing

Understandably I'm pleased that our Latok expedition has been selected for the 2010 Mountain Hardwear Expedition Sponsorship Program. To receive  backing from one of the worlds leading outdoor manufacture is huge and I think it will help us not only on the mountain but also in other areas. 

I had hoped that by now I would have ticked off Kwangde and be on my way of some of this winters projects in Chamonix but the conditions in the Alps leave quite allot to wish for. Alpinism is a waiting game so I'm not to worried yet but at some point real frustration will kick in. We are planning to try some long hard mixed routes as tune up for Latok so a change in the weather pattern would be nice. 

In the mean time I entertain my self with Ice climbing and to day with some sport climbing. It will sound strange but the "stick" on the south facing cliff at 1600 meters was horrible to day. Way to warm!