Monday, 9 August 2010

Latok VS the World

Once again Latok showed its visitors off. This time it was the Giri-Giri boys who where sent home with out getting very far. If I understand things right they first opted for a line on the North Face and I assume it must have been in the same area where Maxim tried. Then had a go at the ridge.

The North Face has an interesting line at its right hand up some feature that looks a bit like a "ramp" only it looks STEEP and exposed but it leads direct to the summit. This must in a way be the ultimate line on Latok. Is it to futuristic? I don't think so it looks kind of smart but way harder than the line we are opting for.

Looking at this link is interesting, almost fun... Why would any one in the right frame of mind even contemplate this project? Well its love.