Sunday, 7 November 2010

Hurlyburly a future classic!

There is few things that stick with me for years. One of those rare things is the movie Hurlyburly ( and my time spent in LA watching the movie. Its feature some of the finest actors of my time and is a fantastic screen play. My long lasted love and affection for this movie got a unexpected love infusion this weekend.

I'm now a even bigger and more devoted fan after getting some inside to what kept fueling Mr. Penn during the shooting of the movie. This is a movie I can see over and over again with out getting bored. But from now on it will have a personal meaning to me and i want to to pay a special tribute to Director Anthony Drazan and his wife for there humanitarian efforts and social commitment to the people of Nepal.

It seams like its now my destiny to make sure this movie will stay in the memory of the climbing community. Having tried a few times I know this is quite some task but its now an official mission to forge a new line of some degree of importance up a peak in Nepal in honour of the Drazan family and the movie.