Tuesday, 23 November 2010

The Red Bull PR Strategy - Cerro Torre melt down

I have to say that Red Bull is doing a fantastic job in terms of their PR strategy when managing the complete melt down created by David Lama and his documentary team. I mean staying low profile and hoping this will blow past them is for sure a smart move if you are looking at it from a PR point of view. Now that strategy might fool one or two and might keep main stream media away from picking up the story but it will do little or nothing when it comes to restore the Red Bull brand in the eyes of the climbing community.

All the contradictory information out there about the added bolts right beside perfectly fine splinters and new bolts on belays strongly suggest they have permanently change on of the most controversial routes in climbing history. And not for the better. They have not as intended opted for a better style, they have just degrade to conquering the mountain blinded by ambition.

What surprises me is that they seams to get a way with saying nothing. Guys who was pretty eager to balance the picture in the first round of the debacle is notably silent right now and I'm not only thinking of fellow athlete Will Gadd (who has nothing to do with this). Also the climbing media seams to be deferring from asking the uncomfortable questions.

It will be interesting to follow this well rehearsed circus as its moves along.