Saturday, 22 January 2011

Gear tip for Cerro Torre to fend off idiots

Looks like it will be hard getting the essential stuff through customs...

Better do a re inventory of the rack for Cerro Torre this year. As its been reported that David Lama is back on Cerro Torre to bolt from the summit down. I guess the prick needs a tope rope. This must mark an all time low in modern climbing history. Go tope rope on a hill with in your league and play with kids sharing your shitty values. Don't pollute the mountains with this kind of shit. 

Add the following if you are heading out there any time soon...

Bolt Cutter

Hack Saw 

Fixed key to remove Bolt Hangers

Pepper Spray to fend off Guides jamming the Compressor route so David Lama can tope rope Cerro Torre

Knuckle Brace to hit any one related to David Lama his climbing sponsors and Red Bull

Be ware SHIT happens in big mountains. Tents blow up all the time when Epi gas bottles default. Ropes getting cut down due to safety for non jugging climbers. Gear get stolen. All sorts of shit happens. In 99 per cent of the cases this is just pure evil but right now I don't give a shit if any thing happens to the David Lama Circus. 

I would not think twice before cutting his haul bags off or any other added trash up there if I pass it.

This self absorbed prick is as unwanted as EBOLA and add as much value to climbing as a shit bag coming off El Cap.