Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Punks steeling in Ceuse!

First of all to all who is visiting any crag not just Ceuse. For fuck sake bring your trash back down and home or to a dumpster! The cliff is a place for recreation not a dumpster and litter will eventually close cliffs.

Right now the trail up to Ceuse is becoming more and more littered with candy wraps, toilet paper etc. If you need to have a pee or take a dump walk 20 off the trail and use a rock to cover up your mess.

The car park is not the camp site, use the designated camping! If this is not followed there is no doubt in my mind there will be issues with the local community. RESPECT the crag and keep it clean as well as brush holds on any route you climb.

Also a word of warning. Theft has become an issue again in the last days according to French website wwww.kairn.com

Its really sad to read that Florence Pinet who seams to be such a nice person and outstanding climber had all her climbing gear stolen there. Just watching Florence climbing was truly inspiring and I really felt inspired to pull harder on my project Le poinconneur des lilas.