Saturday, 22 October 2011

Town to Town push in Zermatt


The past week was "hot" in many ways on Matterhorn with huge traffic early in the week. For me a bit to much with 9 guys heading up the North Face the same day. In the end we did a light town to town push, climbing the Schmid route in 5 hours 45 minutes from the approximate level of the Hurnli Hut to the summit and then back down to the running shoes we had stashed a few hundred meters under the Hurnli hut. Having been there earlier in the week I knew a light rack and single rope was the way to go. We simul climbed/soloed the route in 4 blocks from the Bergschrund. This was my second trip up the North Face, kast one was in winter and then we did it 12h from Hornli hut to Solvay hut. It was faster with less snow as it was more clear as where to go. Sdly a climber lost his life on the route during the sunday of that week. May his partner recover and he R.I.P