Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Cerro Torre SANS Bolts!

The feat of a life time was just pulled off in Patagonia by Hayden Kennedy and Jason Kruk when they bagged an ascent of Cerro Torres infamous Compressor route with out using any of the plus 300 bolts. In my view this feat is as much of a quantum leap as Reinhold Messners NO O2 of Everest. Its hard to understand the significance of this with out knowing the history of the route and the number of top climbers and super alpinist who has tried to do the Compressor route SANS bolts... Now its done and Torre is liberated.

This is a quote from Colin Haley on Facebook:

"BIG NEWS: Although Jorge and I unfortunately fluffed this weather window, today we got to watch history being made through a Canon G12 zoom lens at Norwegos: Hayden Kennedy and Jason Kruk made the first fair-means ascent of the SE Ridge of Cerro Torre. Although I'm not 100% sure about the details, I think they took about 13 hours to the summit from a bivy at the shoulder, which is amazingly fast considering the terrain. The speed with which they navigated virgin ground on the upper headwall is certainly testament to Hayden's great skills on rock. Bravo! They might be in the mountains several more days (more good weather coming), but I'm sure we'll hear the details soon!"

Photo: Cerro Torre from the start of Pendelumorama on Fitz Roy. copy David Falt 2012