Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Ice outings and the Cerro Torre liberation

The weather is great in the southern Alps and all options have been open. Sport climbing in the sun or ice climbing in the mountains. The ice came a bit late but now conditions are great. Fournel and the areas around are all having prime season right now. I have done a fair bit of sport climbing as well trying to stay in shape. In February I really hope to get out on some alpine outing in Chamonix. But for now its Ice climbing and volumes of it.

The great conditions are really having a positive effect on the motivation. I'm so psyched on climbing I just don't seam to get enough. I really appreciate the kind conditions allowing for both good ice and rock climbing, that I think is really rare.

Since last posting its been reported that David Lama has freed the recently chopped route on Cerro Torre. I was pretty hard on the guy last year when he was about to go up and add more bolts but that did not happen in the end and now he turned the tables around and came back and did it in GREAT STYLE. What a great effort and so nice to see he found the inspiration to do it the way he did it. Chapeau.

According to some media outlets there is a up coming story on the bolt chopping from Jason and Hayden in the making. It will be great to get there thought on the topic rather than all the opinions some (interesting and some pure spray) on various forums. To day a fatal blow was delivered on Supertopo by Leo Dickinson in this post.