Saturday, 14 April 2012

Need a new Tre Cime Topo

Will be back blogging and posting pictures soon. I have had a minor computer breakdown for some time but soon I can turn on the spray. Ok this is no JOKE. I can't stand the spring. What good can it possibly produce? Rain, wet snow? Nothing I want. Frankly I hate spring. The stick? Who needs stick? I want a mountain!
I'm think I suffer from being over motivated... I want to go to the Dolomite's and climb big imposing walls on trad gear or what ever as long as its big and exposed. I think I need to get shit scared or some thing. In need of therapy... Any way as substitute my Tre Cime Topo is now starting to look more and more like a Playboy Magazine in a dorm room at college...

Well lets hope the road opens up soon so I can go and have a look at Piccolissima and the route Nobile. Ok bolted but looks like good warm up for more interesting stuff. Can I wait? Nope. But I guess I have to.

Picture: Last summer on Cima Ovest

I had to edit this post with some thing Joey Kinder wrote on Facebook that I think I was trying to say in this post.

"I can't sleep. I can't focus. This cave is haunting me."

David Falt 

Wow that's the feeling we are all after. Is that not one part of what is driving us climbers? 

That restless need to do... I wish you luck! I have it too. Its in me... Captivated me. 

Its a love affair or obsession. Its good.

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