Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Its Snowing...

Not much sport climbing going on right now (well it was crisp this past weekend). The good news: its been great weather since Christmas. The bad news: its all wet now... And we have more snow now than we had all winter....

But there is no time to lose the plot.... Motivation is all time high and the big picture is looking good. Given the time of the year I'm doing well with the onsight climbing having sent a few 7b:s and and a 7b+ the other day. Some of the motivation is also coming from the super exiting partnership I have entered with Metolius, I'm super psyched to be part of the Metolius Climbing Team. Its such a cool company with some outstanding gear made in the USA.

So much great stuff going on right now and some key pieces in the great climbing puzzle are falling in to place. Today obviously no climbing but a one hour on the fingerboard compensated for that.

Funny in March it was too hot to climb at 1500 meters in Ceuse and now its snowy. Whats around the next corner? Back to dry tooling? Or even Ice? Let's hope not as I want to be in the best possible shape for alpine rock climbing.