Thursday, 6 September 2012

The Ogre South Face New route!

News flash: Details to come, but this post by Kyle Dempster points to a HUGE success in the Karakoram with Hayden Kennedy: a new route on THE elusive Ogre, a 7,285m peak that has only been climbed twice in history. We all grew up watching Doug Scott crawling off the mountain in Bonningtons book "Mountaineers". 

"Chillin in Islamabad after an EPIC summer. Super good times climbing with Hayden and we're both feeling SO fortunate. Six months ago I wondered if pulling off two big mountains in Pakistan was more than we could chew, but we did indeed pull it off! First ascent of the east face of K7 and the first ascent of the south face of the Ogre1! So wonderful! We both want to thank you tons for the support this summer, the ropes worked great, thanks so much!
Hayden has already departed for CO and I leave tonight for Istanbul and a month of sport climbing with Jewell!" -Kyle Dempster

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