Thursday, 16 May 2013

Crux X1 Raid tent

This tent reminds me of the Rab bivy shelter but looks slightly better proportioned and if its easy to pitch that is a major advantage to the Rab tent and the DB First Light. I have not seen the tent but at 1.48 kg with a breathable fabric its a hot contender for what one is looking for in a tenet when going fast and light but yet in need of solid protection from the elements so one can recover properly. I'm looking forward to see reviews from use at altitude. 

This short review is from wet conditions.  

"I tested the X1 Raid - the smallest from the X1 tents - with my son last weekend. It was raining, we kept the window closed. And amazingly - we did not had any condensation problem. Yes - the tent felt slightly wet inside - but not one drop fell on our sleeping bag.
Pitching was amazingly simple."

by Micke Sundberg, a Alpine Icon in Swedish mountaineering history.