Thursday, 18 July 2013

Alpha FL 45 Pack – Alpine backpack

Foxy - Light (680g) - and @ around 200€ Affordable. The Arc'teryx Alpha FJ 45 Alpine Pack looks like the real deal. But is it? Only time will tell.

Its long time since I came across some thing I was looking forward to try and carry. The CiloGear Works Sack are by no comparison the best packs I have ever tried climbing with. CiloGear have been alone on the market with a well thought out design and minimalistic pack for climbing also allowing for carrying heavy loads on the approach.

Its hard how ever to stay in front for ever and with its wast resources I would be suppressed if Arc'teryx fail to impress but life is a big disappointment so I will not start digging my grave if this is the case.

The jury is still out on the new Arc'teryx Alpha FJ 45 Alpine Pack as no one I know of have tested it live, but it sure looks like the first ever contender to challenge CiloGear. The BD Speed is ok but its bulky back structure sucks and is accumulating way too much moist resulting in a frozen back each morning.

Price is important and at an estimated 200€ this is no doubt very attractive. I have 3 packs in the 45L segment and I don't like any of them. I use the BD Speed but its not good. I actually opt for the 30L Cilo Worksack sacrificing some essential stuff and thats plain stupid I have learned the hard way.  

It will be interesting to see if Arc'teryx will come out and compliment the Alpha FJ 45  with a lead pack in the 30L range. Durability on other packs in that volume range from Arc'teryx have failed to impress. 

Five things will be interesting to test on the Alpha FJ 45 Alpine Pack:

- Durability in tear VS weight. 

- How it packs. Can I get a my part of a 3 day kit in for a sub 7000 m single push or some thing similar in the alps in winter? 

- How is it to carry to the base of the climb? This is of interest as thats where I suspect Cilo still might have an advantage, but lets see. 

- How is it to climb with this one, once the gear is on the harness and I'm heading up. It sure looks perfect in its shape from what I can see on pictures so it will be interesting to see how its behaves on the back under movement. That is going to be decisive for a final judgement. 

- Finally can I clip it in to a runner in the middle of a pitch and haul it?

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