Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Keep it simple and fun! My Pre Spray for 2015

Last year was an utterly disappointing year for me in terms of climbing. I accomplished nothing of what I had set out to do. I was severely demotivated and I think I needed some time off to better understand what I really want.

This year I can feel the motivation coming back, the joy of moving over rock, ice and snow in exposed terrain is back and fueling me with positive energy. Climbing is so personal to me I find it hard to get on projects as I can't really explain them to potential partners and then I get sad I have no one I can pursue my dreams with.

I still have not figured out how to resolve that. Being talked in to going on routs don't usually work for me. I need to want it on a love affair level to fully engaged and commit.

This year I have structured my train so that I can focus on trying to climb Das Phantom Der Zinnen ground up. That is some thin I know I can do and some thing I have wanted for years. I alos like to finish AKUT on Cima Ovest. My love and obsession with Tre Cime is impossible to shake. Its simply making me so happy to climb there so thats what I will focus on. Climbing that makes me happy!

Below is a topo of Hannes Pfeifhofer's new and very ascetic route up on the left hand side of Cima Grande. I would love to attempt that with some one I experience some of the best climbing days I have ever had in my life. Lets see if she can be persuaded to go and try.

Looking at Tre Cime in sunset and one can only hope to be bless with more time as a guest on the immense walls of Cima Grande and Cima Ovest.

And off course I hope to be in shape in the fall so I can visit the grater ranges, Patagonia would be ideal as I have yet to top out the Super Canaletta. Family, time, work and other commitments will dictate what can be tried and what has to be put on a back burner.