Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Back in the Jump Suit but sadly not in My Javlins

What would life be with out Mountain Hard Wear? To day my birth day present arrived from the US of A and it was a fleece jump suit to keep me warm on altitude. Back in the days the jump suit to own was a Javlin. It was so good that Joe Simpson failed to die in it dropping the comment "the gear is to bloody good I could not die in it" this was on his Epic decent of Siula Grande in Peru.

Well lets see how this suit pans out but it sure looks promising. Light, slim and fast. The the question is what will happen to the weather? All this snow sucks but who know we might just be in for a good spell to do some hard north face climbing. Only time will tell. For now I try to stay in shape climbing as much Ice as I can but I want more. I want REAL FUCKING ALPINE ROUTES. Ice climbing is a bit like one night stands no real commitment. In Swedish Fegis alpinism...