Tuesday, 20 January 2009

I hate powder and Ambition

Well I will add to the confusion and wright this one in English, in fact I might switch to English. Or not? The snow is dumping in the alps and my dreams are fading away at the same rate as the avalanche scale is increasing. Its just so fucked and I have no sympathy at all for all the ski bums enjoying there life right now. I count snow consolidation days and the fact that the winter is only lasting to about March 20th according to the UIAA rules.

Having a bit of a flue is not helping and this dry tooling is a good of a sport as cricket. I like my axes to much to get the fun but I might also be to old or just to fat. Who gives a shit.

Walking around with Himalaya plans is a great source of inspiration but also a huge amount of head ache. Should I stay or should I go? I guess time will tell. One thing I promised myself a long time ago is never to go if I'm not sure of the folks I will go with. The article to day on www.mounteverest.net about Dodo Kopold remind me of past relations in the Himalaya game, people with who I did not go. I remember why and I know I did the right call back then. However sharing a goal and an ambition might just be all that's needed to get along just fine and make magic happen. But on the other hand when shit hits the fan ambition can and will kill. So staying sober having ambitions is like putting a junkie in a room with drugs for the week end and lock the door and hope he is just fine when its opened.

In the end I think the right thing will happen for a reason. A dream line is just to good no to try. Its why I climb. Its why I love going out in the mountains and get all batted up and come back home.