Saturday, 14 November 2009

R.I.P Tomaz Humar

Sadly Tomaz Humar did not make it back home. I lift my hat for Simon Anthamatten. Simon risked his life trying to save Tomaz. Simon had got back to Switzerland after his first accent of the South Face of Jasemba 7350 m and yet he did not hesitate to go back and try and help a fellow climber. On a day like this you can see how strong the bonds are between the climbers who operate in small teams trying new things in Himalaya. 

"Pilot Robert Andenmatten and rescuer Simon Anthamatten could get Tomaz down from Langthang Lirung. Unfortunately Tomaz did not survive! All our thoughts are with his family and friends".

I play Johnny Cash - 'Hurt" to day in memory of Tomaz