Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Why would I even mention

One way to deal with defeat is to get back on the horse and try again. To day I was banned from the site. A friend noticed it as I was out climbing. On facebook the boycott group is has some just criticism. 8a has its issues and its good sides. The good thing is the information exchange and route log data base. The bad side is the inability to lead a news site and the discussions that follows. His inconstancy and lack of ability to follow a stringent line and absorb other peoples arguments.

8a is claiming it has a anti chipping policy but you can't mention that one of the members in the Swedish Royal climbing Family is out there chipping away. He is a "legend" (if you ask Bjorn Stromberg) and a friend so lets not talk about that.

Some one asked why I even bother posting at the site and the only reason is to balance the picture 8a is painting. I'm not always right and as far as I know no one is right when it comes to climbing. It can be done as one like but some things are better than others. Style ethics etc.

I doubt I will be missed by many if any but I will kind of miss it. I mean for crying out loud what a fuck is wrong when you cant buy other peoples argument or at least accept them? Will I be back? I guess so...