Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Will Gadd rules!

"I do a lot of public speaking (demotivational only—there's far too much motivation in the world already)" Will Gadd

"Claiming to climb anything with Oxygen is BULLSHIT" Steve House

"The real "narcissist" is he who short cuts the experience and training necessary to climb that high by fair means and instead will do anything it takes (i.e. use O2, fixed ropes, sherpas, etc.) to get to the top.That is the person "who only cares for himself" in my opinion.Getting to the top of the highest summits used to be something that had to be earned, but now is simply purchased. And yes, the last time I checked, climbing was still dangerous." Vince Anderson

A few comment with regards to

A mountain of hype: Everest

Don't believe what they tell you: Climbing Everest is no big deal