Monday, 2 April 2012

Sport Climbing in Ceuse and St Leger

Above trying Raku 8a+ in St Leger

Well I have not written in quite some time about my own climbing. Since the Ice season went out the door, I have been busy with sport climbing. Having trained on the MOON board and on and off on a indoor wall I notice a significant difference in my stamina and power. I have been to St Leger a few times as well as my first trip up to Ceuse. The later was a huge let down as it was way too hot in Ceuse... But non the less it was great to be up there sharing the crag with only one other team. I think and hope I will progress a bit this year in terms of what I can get done. I notice that a few new lines have been bolted and they look cool. As I will spend quite some time this summer in the Dolomite's I need to be out of the start blocks earlier than usually in order to get what I want done before I depart for this years alpine adventure. So far so good. I have manage a few 7c and 7c+ routes along with some volume training. Some significant pain in the finger joints is the price I have had to pay so I have slowed down on hard routes trying not to get injured.

Late March in Cuse...