Thursday, 14 August 2008

King of conglomerat... Well not yet

I truly enjoy of climbing on conglomerat. The way this type of rock is premiering good foot work is a tribute to good climbing technique. It can be hard to onsight on this type of rock as all holds can look good but some pockets are better than others. Even if the routes are pumpy stamina climbing it is so helpful with all the small holds where you always can gain some hight by just work your feet. 

I wonder where the best conglomerat climbing is in the world? I think it is important to climb on all sorts of rock in order to improve as a climber but I cant help starting new projects on this fantastic rock. 

I have 3 super cool projects on conglomerat as of to day and there will be one or two more with in the coming weeks. I hope to send a ultra conti 8a this weekend but I'm not super confident as I have now tried it about 7 times. 

Time will tell...